The must-have Roundie bag is all over Instagram (and stylish shoulders) this summer. If you’re headed to Bali,
make sure you grab a Roundie (or two!)

The 70s style hand-woven rattan roundie bag was the only thing on my shopping list for my trip to Bali. I kept seeing it on stylish girls at bars in Bondi over the summer, or being sold for outrageous prices on Instagram.

After sitting at Coogee Pavillion sipping Mojito’s, eyeing off a couple of cute roundies on the table next to me, I almost purchased one from Posse for $119. When I mentioned this to my girlfriend who lives in Seminyak, she laughed and told me to wait: they’re only A$15 over here.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to haggle! We ended up scoring two regular-sized Roundies for Rp.300k when the asking price started at Rp.400k for one. Just remember to be polite and respectful!

So I waited. And I came home with THREE.

It was actually super bloody hard to pick the perfect Roundie. So hard, that I ended up on my friend’s InstaStory as the butt of the joke for looking at every stall in Ubud trying to find the perfect clasp, best lining, ideal weave. Sorry, girlfriend.

If you’re going to the Rice Fields in Ubud, this is the place to pick up your Roundie. There’s tonnes of them – and you’ll even meet some of the artisans while they weave perfection.

How to pick your Dream Roundie

  1. Check that the lid fits properly and the bag opens and closes seamlessly. The last thing you want is a tampon slipping through the cracks if the lid doesn’t join with the base.
  2. Make sure the weave is secure and there aren’t any loose edges.
  3. Decide whether you want a button clasp or a knot and loop. Both are cute; but work out which will be easier for you and doesn’t run the risk of falling open.
  4. Is the strap leather? Do you want it to be, or are you going with a woven strap?
  5. Most importantly, what’s the lining look like? I went with simple designs and single colour, but the options are endless. Get ready to open a million Roundie’s to find you perfect one.


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