AKA How to get 5 Saturday Necessities out of the way before lunchtime
by multi-tasking the smart way

The 5 things you need to do every Saturday to set yourself up for a killer week.

Studies show that multi-tasking is counter-productive. While you think you’re being productive getting more things done, quicker – you’re actually tiring yourself out by using more glycogen (brain energy) as you intermittently stop and start focusing on several different tasks.

According to the study, you’re better off focusing on one task and getting it done before moving on to the next.


(sort of)

Lately I feel like I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do the myriad of things I need to do, let alone want to accomplish, so multi-tasking is a must if I want to feel like I’ve actually achieved something during my week.

Over the weekend, I realised that I actually can truly multi-task without trying to perform multiple actions at once. Rather, it’s about planning your time properly so things are happening in the background while you’re actually focused on the task at hand.

Every weekend I have the same group of chores that need to be done if I want to feel like a civilised and functioning adult. I need to clean the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom; do 3 loads of wash; and vacuum the floor.

But I realised on Saturday that this was the perfect time to simultaneously treat myself to a hair and face mask instead of promising myself I’d do it on a Sunday afternoon and then never getting around to it.


Start by lighting a candle. Aside from the gorgeous ornamental jar, the woody scent of the Glasshouse No.1 Bois Magiques will make your home smell luxurious.

1. Olaplex Hair Perfector

Before tackling the boring stuff, I wet and towel dried my hair and coated it in a good slather of Olaplex.

Although it says on the side that an hour is enough, you should really do this on a Friday night, sleep in it, and then wash it out after you’ve done the household chores.

But I am a last-minute kind of girl, and I packed mine on first thing Saturday morning for 2 hours of hair lovin’.

Olaplex Hair Treatment No. 3 is the take-home treatment for in-between salon visits that everyone has been raving about. But does it work?
It's all over Instagram #instashelfie and it's touted as the miracle for blondes in a bottle. So does it work?
Cosmedix Pure Enzymes helps unclog pores and refine skin for a fresh, dewy glow.
My own bottle of this stuff is super manky looking since I've had it for a while and it dries like pink jelly around the lid. So I borrowed this lovely clean snap from the Cosmedix website. PHOTO CREDIT: Supplied.

2. Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask

With your hair combed out and tied back, cleanse your face and put a small amount of this hard worker over your face.

It says on the side that you should leave it on for 3-10 minutes, so I’m going to say listen to the manufacturer on this one, but I personally didn’t wash it off until I stepped into the shower after 2 hours of working up a sweat doing the housework.

My skin is used to active ingredients though and is NOT on the sensitive side, so make sure you follow the instructions and do what’s right for you.

I borrowed this from my mum a while back and then didn’t give it back – it’s really good. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated thanks to the L-Lactic Acid and D-Glucuronic Acid.

3. Throw on the wash between cleaning

While you’re in the bathroom (mine is also a multi-tasking bathroom-laundry combo) throw on your first load of wash – in my case, blacks. Then whites. Then towels.

4. Sparkle, baby

Start the dreaded clean. I start with the kitchen, because it’s the most satisfying when it’s clean and I’m motivated to fix up the rest of my apartment. The bathroom is always a nice, quick clean, and crossing rooms off your list makes it seem quicker.

I love this photo of Sascha. She looks snug and content bathing in the sunshine. She really does hate the vacuum.
I love this photo of Sascha. She looks snug and content bathing in the sunshine. She really does hate the vacuum.

5. Suck it up.

I like to vacuum last as I’m a super messy cleaner (oxymoron-much?). Little bits of dirt and crumbs fly off counters while I’m using the AJAX, so it’s pointless to vacuum beforehand.

I have a love-hate relationship with my vacuum cleaner: it’s a Hoover and it does the most amazing job I could ask for (I didn’t realise my floor could be so clean, or that it would feel so good); but it was more than I wanted to pay ($450 that would have been well-spent on clothes/boots/skincare) and it scares the bejesus out of my cat.

Rinse & Repeat

Once your last load of wash is out and the vac is away, jump in the shower and rinse off your masks/sweat/tears because it’s time for a hard-earned brunch.

My favourites are Common Galaxia in Seddon, and Kitty Burns in Abbotsford. You’re welcome.