Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co Review

Searching for the magic potion to dewy skin

Touted as a skin-perfecting bottle of liquid gold, Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co caught my attention thanks to amazing testimonials, glowing Instagram hunnies, and a money-back guarantee. But does it live up to the hype?

Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co promises clear, glowing skin in as little as 7 days. Just 6 drops, twice a day, massaged into the skin for 30 seconds is apparently all it takes to drop the filter and face the world makeup-free.

Thanks to the 6 ‘magical’ ingredients in their facial oil, they claim that you can ditch your other products and just use their serum (plus sunscreen—this one’s my fave) for perfect skin.

Coming from someone who has a serum or cream specifically formulated for every inch of my body, I was both sceptical and intrigued. They have two options: original and hydrating. The original Dew Drops is targeted at anyone who breaks out, while the hydrating formula is for less acne-prone individuals with drier skin.

In hindsight, I could probably do with the hydrating formula, but I went with original as I do get the occasional spot. Plus, it’s the one with all the hype, and I wanted to see what everyone was raving about.

Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co Review

The 6 ‘Magical’ Ingredients

Organic Hemp Oil

Hemp is having its day in the spotlight, and not in a Woodstock kind of way. So it’s not surprising that a facial serum with hemp oil as its primary ingredient is getting so much attention. Non-comodogenic, anti-inflammatory and packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9, it sounds like a treat.


Organic Carrot Seed Oil

Rich in carotenoids, Vitamins A, E and Pro-Vitamin A, Carrot Seed Oil is considered great for anti-aging and pigmentation, although I’ve struggled to find any research-based evidence supporting these claims. I did, however, find an article showing that in high enough doses, it is an excellent anti-fungal.

Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Not just a sleep aid, Lavender Essential Oil is an antibacterial that calms and reduces inflammation. It also smells nice.


Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

Favoured over the millennia as the birthday gift every kid wants, Frankincense has actually been scientifically proven to reduce fine lines, photoaging and increase skin elasticity compared to a placebo, to keep you smooth as a baby saviour’s bottom.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil has been an acne hero forever, so I wasn’t surprised to see this included in their line-up. Interestingly, the strong tell-tale scent is undetectable in this blended oil.

Keep in mind that the amounts of each oil included in this blend are unknown, and this will significantly affect whether the purported benefits can or will be seen, as the scientifically proven results are dependent on specific levels per ingredient. Still, it’s an impressive line-up of active, natural ingredients.


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My skin concerns

I’d like to point out that this product doesn’t directly market itself as solely an acne treatment. Rather, it promises to ‘keep your skin plump, healthy & clear without the need for any other products’. However, their Instagram is full of before and after acne photos. And yes, they’re impressive, with incredible results in as little as 7 days.

But I don’t fall into that category. I’m 31 and I have (and I say this humbly) great skin, thanks to 15 years of actives and daily SPF 50. I do get the odd hormonal cyst or breakout, but it’s nothing like the girls in their pics.

I have normal-dry skin, and my key skin concerns are anti-aging and hydration. I want that dewy glow, all day, every day, and I was hoping Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co would be the magic potion to replace all my serums and creams.

Results: Is it the goods?

For me? Unfortunately, no.

After using it twice daily as directed for 30 days, I actually felt like my skin was drier than usual (which is why I think I’d be better suited to the hydrating serum). I didn’t purge, which they advise can happen. But I did feel like my forehead looked more dehydrated than usual, and fine lines suddenly appeared around my eyes.

I know what you’re thinking: an oil that makes you feel dry and is good for acne? It’s the hemp oil. It absorbs super quickly (so you don’t turn into an oil slick), and the anti-inflammatory properties of all of the ingredients help calm acne and break down the oil in your pores. So I can absolutely see how this would be great for anyone with problem skin—it just wasn’t for me.

Instead, I’ve been using it as a cleansing oil, and Candice (the company creator) has suggested using it in my hair instead of Argan Oil.

I’d like to also note that the owner is lovely. I reached out to her to take her up on her refund (I purchased this product) and I was blown away by the customer support and how sweet and passionate about her product she is.

Would I recommend this to a friend?

It depends. If you’re struggling with acne and have combination skin, I’d say go for it. But if you’re like me and you’re more on the clear-but-dry side of things, I’d suggest trying the hydrating version or sticking to what you know already works.

Have you tried the original or hydrating Dew Drops Skin Perfecting Serum by Supple Skin Co? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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