Take a wander through Kate Carnegie’s Art Exhibition in East Prahran, Melbourne

It’s Thursday night in inner city Melbourne, and I’m surrounded by famous faces.

Peering back at me from their place on the white painted brick walls, it’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of colourful brush strokes that recognisably recreate some of the most iconic figures of the past century.


Sipping Sauvignon Blanc at the launch of New York based artist Kate Carnegie’s pop up gallery on High Street in East Prahran, the small studio warms up as bodies fill the space.

A happy buzz of chatter drifts out onto the street as guests dressed in an abundance of velvet jackets, quirky ties and leopard print coats mull around the pieces. Waiters carry trays of wine between clusters of voyeurs as they cheerfully decide whose familiar face they’re viewing.

The artist herself mingles through the crowd in her perfectly fitted velvet playsuit.

A bluntly cut platinum bob and a chain-link necklace embody her unique style as a perfect amalgamation of eccentric and polished, reflecting the faces on the walls.

A recently completed homage to Prince stands in the entrance, somewhat appropriately subdued in its colour scheme compared to the bright pops of colour found in the likes of Basquiat or Grace Jones.

Stephen “Mr Fry” Fry, with a black background, closed eyes and a ruddy hue, adorns a large space between a matching, monochrome interpretation of Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

The pair would look great hanging (of course) above my bed, were I in a position to invest.

The assortment of work ranges primarily from Kate’s influences, including Australian fashion designer Jenny Kee and English performer Sade.

The gallery is open until the end of June 2016. Check it out before its gone, and maybe put a new face on your wall.

519 High Street, Prahran